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dirtcakes is a planned-temporary journal of creative nonfiction, poetry, art, and photography.  Our mission is to offer space for international writers and artists to illuminate a shared global humanity by exploring diverse concepts of poverty, hunger, education, family, gender, and work as suggested by the UN Millennium Development Goals to end extreme poverty by 2015.

That seems so futuristic sitting up there–2015–as if the apocalypse had happened, or a new utopia. But like real life, the answer is somewhere in between: We have the dynamism of Apple iPhones—built by workers who leap from dark factory windows to black out the hopelessness; we have the freedom to print or say whatever we want—NSA, did you get that?; we have enough candy for a thousand Halloweens—and vats of high fructose corn syrup to mask our actual fullness, which incidentally passed decades ago, thanks Monsanto.

With that deadline in mind, dirtcakes advances toward its original, time-limited goal:

To re-define words we may have grown too accustomed to—like hunger, home, &  help—by providing new scenarios to view these words, then to let these words work on us, to let their vibrations ricochet and re-shape reality.

Words are just the shells of experiences, after all. Sound shorthand for the concrete we cannot carry in our arms alone. We need help from our throats. We need help from our hands to clean off the debris of meaning left on and slapped on and covered up on the shells of our experiences. We need help from our bellies to project.

dirtcakes is not accepting submissions at this time. We will update you as soon as we reopen.


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