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A Contributor Perk

September 24, 2013

Hey Past Poetry Contributors.

Are you interested in attending a fabulous poetry revision conference in the Berkshires sponsored by Tupelo Press?


From the description:

Offered during the foliage season in the Berkshire mountains of Northwestern Massachusetts, the Conference in the Round is easily accessible from Hartford Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport. It includes:

Intensive workshops and real-time individual responses and from three of the most insightful publishers/editors around: Jeffrey Levine, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of Tupelo Press, Veronica Golos, award-winning Poet & Editor, and Jessamyn Smyth, Editor-in-Chief of the Tupelo Quarterly.

Can you carve out a little more time? You’ll have an opportunity to “stay with it” by extending your stay from Monday morning through Wednesday morning additional more guided writing and workshop commentary.

Either way, you’ll leave prepared for the submission season with feedback and guidance geared toward what editors will want and expect from your poems.

As one of Tupelo Press’ 30/30 Project poets and a past poetry workshop participant myself, I can pass one 20% discount along to another poet.

Who better to extend the discount offer to than the beautiful poets of dirtcakes?

For full conference details, read the link here.

If you’re interested in attending and would like to be able to use the discount, please comment for me here and I’ll pass along details.  I’ll work off a first-come, first-gets-the-discount model.


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