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Dreamwielder: A New Epic Fantasy

March 24, 2013

Garrett Calcaterra, dirtcakes contributor (“How Hollywood Taught Me to Lie and Write My Own Story,” Issue 2: School Me) has just published his latest novel. Dreamwielder (Diversion Books) is an epic fantasy in the grand, similar-world style of Lord of the Rings. It may not seem the typical dirtcakes fare, Garrett’s writing is always compelling regardless of the genre.

Dreamwielder centers around Makirra, a humble farm girl gifted with the power to dream—in a land where that ability brings supernatural rewards, but where dreams are outlawed by a tyrannical ruler. This basic human function and the magic it carries makes the rustic Makirra, and the friends she makes on her journey, a threat to the power established by that land’s emperor.

Just as  LOTR is easily understood as a tale of class consciousness & struggle, there are clear parallels to us regular Earth-folk in Dreamwielder and the forces we must wage against & can call to our aid.

A preview and full download are available at & More of Garrett, including past publications, at  Follow this video link for a right kickin’ book trailer that sets the opening to music: .

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