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Gifts, fragments and…

February 28, 2013

a world premiere.

While issue #4, Oh Baby!  rests in the nurturing womb of its final edit, we’re offering you, dear readers and other generous well-wishers, a valuable opportunity to get all three dirtcakes issues for just $25. Read about it on the “Special Offer” link here.

Japan 056_2

Prayer cards in Tokyo

I offer fragments and a world premiere as gifts too.

Last September, on the UN International Day of Peace, I attended the Big Orange Book Festival in Orange, CA, to represent dirtcakes. To celebrate our wide range of voices – our first three issues feature voices from 17 countries – and in the spirit of our mission statement to “illuminate a shared global humanity,” I created and performed a cento, a mash-up of prose and poetry lines taken from the first three issues. It includes one line from each contributor, in 12 stanzas, or steps as I prefer to call them. 12 steps will get you over anything, right?

As far as I know, this is a world premiere, not only of the first dirtcakes mash-up, but also of the newly hatched form of Contributor Voices Chorus cento.

Over the next few weeks I’ll post one or two sections at a time.

Your Reading Companion:

  • Lines in italics are from contributors.
  • Words in brackets within the italicized lines are issue titles, inserted sporadically to create a rhythmic downbeat, backtalk.
  • Source notes at the end include the issue title, the page number where the line is found, and the author’s last name.  Hyperlinks to authors’ websites are provided where available. (I didn’t read these source notes aloud. They’re just for you.)

Japan 180


cento erasure mashup deconstruction reconstruction chorus with moment of silence please breathe


This is a poem I stood and fought – 

wild [hunger] black [hunger] raspberries 

I was alone, a little drunk and writerly, typing out Stubborness
(watch for studded belts and mohawks)

It isn’t that hard to find a human who is starving 

I dreamed that you were reading my palm
I carried my child for 46 years
apron stained with red spaghetti sauce 

I offer a child a perfect peach
fish may rest in graves
soft as sweetcakes after all the milky birds have flown



1.Girls Will Be Women, 49. Chen
2.The Hunger Issue, 18. Romkema
3. School Me, 28. Sims
4. Girls Will Be Women, 47. Janov
5. The Hunger Issue, 9. Keefe
6. Girls Will Be Women, 83. Chalar
7. Girls Will Be Women, 39. Henney
8. Girls Will Be Women, 46. Beck
9. The Hunger Issue, 13. Starkey
10.Girls Will Be Women, 20. Chen
11. Girls Will Be Women, 21. Dotson

For more good reading, remember to take advantage of our special offer.

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  1. March 1, 2013 2:19 am

    Wonderful fun!

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