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Barbie’s Slow Green 21st Century Lurch

November 2, 2011

Thanks to Grist, the green news and resource center, for its update on Mattel’s slow, lurch into the 21st century: Architect Barbie is reportedly one of a wave of new “ ‘I can be…’ dolls” according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Of course, Barbie is still biologically-impossible-fabulous! as she graphs, measures, and charts the dimensions of her eco-friendly doll house. Outfits for the line will appear professional, while still suggesting girlish frivolity, undoubtedly.

The full, linked article appears on Mother Jones where writer Matt Hickman says “Past ‘I Can Be …’ Barbies have included movie star, veterinarian, dentist, lifeguard, news anchor, racecar driver, ballerina, and, ummm, bride.”

Coincidentally, dirtcakes was recently inspired by an art exhibit featuring imagined Barbies, repurposed doll-sculptures that explore the stereotyped, suppressed, and assaulted feminine that is perpetuated by the Barbie myth. Images of the re-visioned Barbies from artists Melissa Avila and Jill Wade are prominent elements of our upcoming issue 3: Girls Will Be Women. Also in the issue will be the winner of the Inaugural dirtcakes poetry contest, Leah Greene’s Beningo Street – Wife, alongside stunning work from artists and writers such as Cristin O’Keefe Aptowitz, Lauren Camp, Ching-In Chen, Anna Leahy, and Jeanann Verlee.

To all who contributed and submitted, thank you. We look forward to publishing another issue.

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