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Human Form and Other Beautiful Things

June 28, 2011

Assembling a new collection of poems, stories, photographs and art tied to themes suggested by the UN Millennium Development Goals is much like draping a mannequin with lace.  You imagine a form – the literary magazine – and then you consider how best to enhance its essential spirit in new and imaginative ways without weighing it down in didactic dander.

So imagine my delight when I discovered this evocative photo on California writer and photographer Nick King’s Tumblr titled, “Notes From The Groundfloor.”

Nick was kind enough to allow dirtcakes permission to use his image, “Silhouette” as a sign that our Gender Issue is now under the elegance of construction. I’m not going to tell you exactly what to anticipate when “Girls Will Be Women” arrives, but I will say that it’s not an accident that I use the words “gender” and “construction” in the same sentence.

Here’s what Nick says about his photograph:

It’s fairly simple. A B&W Silver Gelatin Print, with lace overlays during printing. The original subject was actually a mannequin in the lobby of the Nines, an upscale yet organic lodging wherein the hip and artistic nature of the Portland streets seem to quietly invade. Since I love shooting the human form, I thought it would make for a fun project. During printing, I loved playing with the darkness of the shadows, choosing what and what not to reveal. I feel as though I added the lace later on to act as a shroud being pulled back to reveal the beautiful form underneath. 

Thanks, Nick for giving us better than 1,000 words to illustrate what building a magazine looks like.

Thanks readers, writers, photographers, and artists for awaiting something beautiful. Our editorial board is in the process of selecting work. Meanwhile, we play in the shadows of anticipation. Submission acceptance closes on Sept. 1, 2011.

“Girls Will Be Women” arrives in late fall.

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