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Lynne Thompson’s Voice

March 17, 2011

Imperfect Ghazal for an Unknown Mother

Because memory lives beyond death,
you’re still weeping for me.

Because guilt’s the eternal hammer,
you’re still bruising banjos for me.

Because my bones were carved from yours,
you’re a rug of broken mussels for me.

My songs are flat and coarse
because you’re walking south from me.

Because my name was never my own,
your choice has been a prison for me.

Though I weep having seen my death,
you are still living for me.

–Lynne Thompson

Lynne Thompson will be judging our First Annual Benefit Poetry Contest, and reading the winning poem during the April 5, 2011 event: Poetry, Music, Art: A Celebration to Benefit St. Lucia, one of the National Poetry Week events, sponsored by Tabula Poetica, at Chapman University, Orange, CA.  Deadline in 4 days — March 21. Hurry!

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