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Good Reading in “School Me”

March 1, 2011

School Me

Progress Report
Editor’s Note (Catherine Keefe)

Today’s Lesson
Bloom’s Taxonomy – Universal Education     (text by Joshua Jennings Wood)

Core Subjects
When You First Attempt to Explain Your Existence     (J. J. Steinfeld)
Gail Grivnau chews on my pencil     (Gary Bloom)
Today He Considers Beauty     (Denise Banker)
Those Days     (Tony Colella)
This is Our School (Dr. Pithawat Tan Vachiramon)

Getting Dizzy     (Lauren Camp)
Attachments     (Denise Banker)
Stones     (Shririam S.)
Freudian     (Rick Sims)
Somnus Erat Demonstrandum     (Fern G. Z. Carr)
How Hollywood Taught Me to Lie and Write My Own Story     (Garrett Calcaterra)

Incitation     (Rick Sims)
Remembrance, 1966     (Alan Girling)
J, All That You Can Do     (Tony Colella)
The past never leaves us     (Brendan Ó Sé)
Lockdown – This is Not a Drill     (Fern G. Z. Carr)
What Do You Have to Say for Yourself? Ten Times Over     (J.J. Steinfeld)
A Kitchen Table Conversation with Alicia Kozameh
Eyes Do More Than See     (Luis Argerich)

Dear Sci-Fi Fans     (Donna Vorreyer)
Circumstantial     (Donna Vorreyer)
Toward Summer     (Lauren Camp)

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