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What’s Inside The Hunger Issue?

February 23, 2011


Cooks’ Notes     (Catherine Keefe)

new moon at hilltop     (Erica Romkema)
Its roundness curving to a cleft (Lee Sharkey)

How to be a toaster     (Judy Kaber)
They Asked Us to Imagine     (Atar Hadari)
Reward     (Erica Romkema)
Pappankalan, India 2 (Leíla Fortíer)

And tomorrow we will eat cake     (Judy Kaber)
Literacy    (Elizabeth Wyatt)
Story Hunger     (Vivian Faith Prescott)
The Interrupter     (David Brennan)
A Cuban Welcome Hjertelig Velkommen I Cuba (Pia Tafdrup, trans. K.E.Semmel)

How do you say?     (Jackie Littman, trans. Molly Lower)

Psalm V     (Karen An-hwei Lee)
Calcutta     (Arkava Das)
Madonna of the Sidewalk     (Rumjhum Biswas)
Ecuador     (Erica Romkema)
Gallimaufry of Days     (Helen R. Peterson)
Nick’s Luncheonette     (Rachel Rabbit)

Mr. Floppy, Winkie, Wilma, Winterfred, and Roy     (Danielle Mitchell)
My Mother with a Hammer     (Brian Morrison)
Five & Dime      (Patty Seyburn)
Rabbi     (Patty Seyburn)
Leftover Ingredients (Lee Minh Sloca)
I would dance if you asked me to     (Ryan Sharp)
Feed this Raven     (Feed this Raven)
The Frigidaire Prayer     (Jaime O’Neill)

Poema con Silencio. Sombra, y Auga (Octavio Quintanilla)
The Only Difference     (Changming Yuan)
Man, Kind     (Steve Shilling)
We do not cry for meat     (Althea Romero-Mark)
Motherless     (Rebekah Denison Hewitt)
Hunger and Solace     (Karen An-hwei Lee)
Haiti     (Tec Petaja)

Friday Night     (Ryan Sharp)

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