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Another Morsel from The Hunger Issue: “Leftover Ingredients”

February 1, 2011

LEFTOVER INGREDIENTS: gelatin of a sunset, 2 sugarless Vietnamese
ladies, with artificial flavors of dehydrated husbands, saltlick of a past war,
ground coffee boardwalk to an all-you-can-eat buffet afternoon, near the
cocoa butter of Venice, whey of wisdom on molasses timetable, shifting corn
flakes over hair losses, or conrstarch over toothless tomorrow, trading in sag-
ging skim milk for the enzyme of tender chicken breasts – red-hot sushi bar
– juicy fruity tidbits – gamey streaks – rawness of oyster (added to preserve
freshness), confectioner’s glaze of friendship, to modify the starch of empti-
ness, as partially hydrogenated checkbook & protein shake to stir memories,
60 yellow burps in 0 c. of Saigon.

Lee Minh Sloca


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